corporate philosophy

to HanShangchem to comply with the code of conduct and value judgments benchmarks as HanShangchem Enterprise philosophy,
Be put into practice by.

business with integrity and honesty based on the concept, the pursuit of modesty and sense of ownership of such NHN core values,
Constantly inspired self, justly own work,
Through the practice of corporate philosophy, to establish a relationship of trust between employees,
Quest to become affected employees, customers, shareholders, cooperative enterprises, social enterprises and other parties trust.

humility and sense of ownership
To recognize their responsibility for NHN corporate image, in public and in private must maintain a humble attitude.

creativity and innovation
In order to create the highest customer value and satisfaction, not satisfied with the status quo,
Innovative thinking has always been to conduct business.

challenge and passion
"There is no challenge, no gain" business philosophy, under the guidance,
With infinite passion to challenge, in order to obtain higher achievement and tireless efforts.

avoid conflicts of interest with the company
Work executed when Gongsifenming, avoid conflict of interest with NHN personal activities.

form a sound organizational culture
Flexible communication and mutual trust based on mutual respect and self-discipline to jointly create a work atmosphere so that others avoid unpleasant or with social and cultural discrimination of speech and behavior.
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